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The conceited guanaco and Fluffy the alpaca. Precio: 12.00 Nuevos soles

"Ayuda a los animales" and "Help the animals" (English version) by entertaining stories that immerse the smallest and wonderful in different scenarios, is a collection that promotes interest in the preservation of endangered animals or abuse. Stories ranging from a sea turtle fighting a plastic monster that lives in the sea, a little fearful fleeing alpaca fur trappers, a pelican must fulfill a mission given by the same Neptune and many more make "Ayuda a los animals"and "Help the animals"a fun read, visually wonderful for his illustrations in watercolor and very educational, not only for the message that each of the seven stories presented, but because it comes with activities to develop and learn more .

-32 pages
-Full color
-Size: 20.5x27.5
-Tale for Ecology and protection of animals.
-Watercolor illustrations on every page.
-Includes activities.

1-The conceited guanaco and Fluffy the alpaca
This story unfolds at an altitude of more than 3,500 meters above sea level.
Fluffy, a lovely baby alpaca, her
mother and Horatio the guanaco
are persecuted by alpaca hunters.
These little animals hide in a cave and expect the worst…until…

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